Yosemite frosted. Photo by Seungho Yoo

7 Exciting Experiences in or near the Parks

Feel yourself dreading shorter days and colder temperatures as winter approaches? Here are seven ways to feel invigorated, have fun and stay warm in or near these national parks.

Olympic: Watch a dramatic winter storm travel across the Pacific Ocean from this luxurious hot tub.

Rocky Mountain: Learn these several secrets to a good life when you sign up for this unusual experience near Rocky Mountain National Park.

Yosemite: Explore Yosemite with a guide who handles everything from dinner reservations to your daily itinerary.

Utah Parks: Stave off the winter blues. Stay in an artsy town and visit breathtaking pink sand dunes, Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park when none of the crowds are there.

Great Smoky Mountains: Lacking motivation when it gets cold out? Climb aboard this European-style attraction near Great Smoky to see things in a new light.

Grand Canyon: There really is a Polar Express. Take it to the "North Pole" near the Grand Canyon this year.

Yellowstone: Base out of this town for unlimited snowmobiling, excellent Nordic skiing trails and a guaranteed wolf and grizzly sighting.

Vote The Outdoors

A changing climate is affecting our favorite public lands from Yosemite’s mountains to Montana’s glaciers. The best way to help? Vote for representatives who prioritize our land, waters and air. Read how shorter winters are hurting Glacier National Park’s snowshoe hare and don’t forget to #VoteTheOutdoors.

Tamron Special

Near Grand Canyon

Rugged Scenic Drive Tours

Ride on an unforgettable private Jeep tour through some of the Grand Canyon’s most breathtaking red-rock landscapes. See-through barriers give you space between your guide and you.

Close to Channel Islands

Uncrowded National Park Gem

Base out of Ventura Harbor Village for a gorgeous beach, easy access to Channel Islands National Park and a lively seaside experience.

Photo by Dan Harding

Near Colorado National Parks

8 Hidden Gems in the Rockies

While Colorado’s national parks might steal the spotlight, its 41 state parks shouldn’t be overlooked. These beautiful public lands are often less crowded and just as beautiful. Here are eight of our favorite picks.

Photo by Doskocil

Near Yosemite

Visit Three Spectacular National Parks

See three gorgeous national parks, including Yosemite, in three days on this breathtaking loop that leads you away from Yosemite’s congestion.

Near Grand Canyon

Solitude in Sedona

Discover Sedona’s secret seven, a collection of stunningly beautiful hiking trails with all the solitude but none of the traffic of the area’s popular trails.